Opposition to the Nazis: July Bomb Plot

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  • Opposition to the Nazis: July Bomb Plot
    • Von Stauffenburg created Operation Valkyrie
      • A plan to kill Hitler
      • The plan was to use 2 bombs in a briefcase, kill the Fuhrer and take control of Berlin
    • Operation Valkyrie was tried in 1943 and early 1944 but Hitler decided to spend his Christmas holidays in Rastenburg
      • Last minute decision
      • Von Stauffenburg took a bomb to a conference in Bavaria but told not to use it as Himmler not present
    • 20th July 1944 the opportunity arose
      • Bombs brought to Rastenburg
    • Work by a silent fuse being set off by breaking a glass capsule of acid
      • Take 10 mins for acid to dissole wire which releases the firing pin
      • Stauffenburg had a specially made pair of pliers that he could hold with 3 fingers
    • Von Stauffenburg had helpers
      • Lieutenant von Haeften who was carrying reserve bomb
      • General Fellgiebel the chief of signals. Would inform other plotters of the result of assassination
    • Meeting took place in an upstairs room because of the hot weather rather than the underground bunker
    • Von Stauffenberg set the bomb going and put the briefcase under the table, 3 places to the right of Hitler
    • Von Stauffenberg leaves the room saying he has an urgent phone call
      • While gone, Colonel Brandt kicks the briefcase over and places it the other side of the table leg
    • The bomb exploded, bodies flew out of windows and roof fell in
    • Hitler was not killed
      • His hair got singed
      • Right leg badly burned and right arm temporarily paralysed
    • Operation Valkyrie failed as Hitler did not die but everybody thought he had
    • The seize on Berlin did not happen fast enough
    • Von Stauffenberg, Beck and other leading plotters were executed
      • Nearly 5000 of his opponents killed


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