Opposition to the Nazis: Jews

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  • Opposition to the Nazis: Jews
    • Warsaw Uprising
      • July 28th 1942, several underground organisations formed known as the ZOB.
        • At formation had 200 members
        • Formed because of deportation of around 300,000 Jews
      • Oct 1942, ZOB established contact with Polish military underground movement
        • Obtained small amount of weaponary
      • Jan 1943, Group of Jewish fighters with pistols infiltrated a column of Jews being moved ready for deportation
        • Most Jewish fighters died
        • Germans suspended further deportations
      • April 19 1943, ZOB had about 500 fighters and another group, ZZW, had about 250
        • Prepared underground bunkers to hide residents of the ghetto
      • When ** came to announce the restart of deportations the streets were empty
        • ZOB fighters stunned with their attack and Germans forced to retreat
      • April 21 1943, German commander reported losing 12 men. By 3rd day ** troops tore the ghetto to the ground
        • Planned to liquidate it in 3 days
      • May 8 1943, Germans found and captured ZOB bunker and killed leader
      • May 16 1943, Individuals or small groups hid or fought for over a month
        • Destruction of synagogue on Tlomacki street ordered
      • 7000 Jews killed and 42,000 deported to camps
    • Treblinka Uprisibg
      • 2 August 1943, a number of prisoners in the work details rebelled
      • Managed to steal kerosene and set camp buildings alight
      • Number of guards killed
      • 600 of 1500 prisoners escaped
      • 40 are known to have survived the war
    • Sobibor Uprising
      • Rumours camp was closing spread
      • Prisoners thought they would all be killed
      • 14 October 1943 an underground resistance group killed 11 ** officers and a number of guards
      • 300 of 600 prisoners escaped into forest
      • 50-70 survived the war, others were recaptured or killed on surrounding mine fields


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