Opposition to Nazi Regime

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  • Opposition to Nazi Regime
    • Reasons
      • Economic failures- inflation increasing and wages falling, rationing and second sons were dispossessed
      • Many unhappy with everyday life, hitler youth became compulsory and fear of gestapo/ denunciations spread
      • Racial policies in East.   socialists/ communists objected to outlawing of parties.
    • Loyal reluctance-consensus-not mean but won't rebel
    • Silent opposition- grumbling/ refusing Heil Hitler
      • Ilse Totzke denounced for not saying 'Heil Hitler'- even none conformity was punished. Terror-persuasive
      • Swing movement-listened to american jazz. lacked edge to be a threat to regime
        • Youth
          • Edelweiss Pirates-targetted Hitler Youth/  antagonistic to authority.
    • Protest
      • The Church-catholic priests read out  'with burning concern' attacked Euthanasia policy
      • Edelweiss Pirates-targetted Hitler Youth/  antagonistic to authority.
      • 1942-43 White Rose group-Hans +Sophie Scholl-distributed nazi leaflets  around Munich University.
        • Youth
      • Active resistence-plots to kill Hitler
        • The  Army-operation Vaulkarie- reliance on Stauffenberg to blow Hitler and men up with bomb. only time to arm 1 bomb and location was changed-time different-failed
          • 1944 war years
          • Army Plots
        • Georg Elser  1939- planted bomb in beer hall. bomb went off after Hitler had left- bad timing/not large threat-lone.caughtat border with plastic explosives.
        • 1938 Army-Beck plotted to arrest and bring Hitler to trial. failed-munich agreement prevented war.
          • Army Plots
      • Left wing
        • SPD-'Red shock group' 3,000 members and created own newspaper.  communist leaflets published and workers resistance
      • Right wing
        • Goerdeler group-karl had army contacts and knew about plots.
    • Loyal reluctance-consensus-not mean but won't rebel


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