Opposition to the Nazis

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  • Opposition of the Nazis
    • Church
      • In 1934 Hitler signed a concordat with Pope Pious XI. This meant that they didn't get involved with each other
      • Bonoeffer, a protestant, said that if they got rid of Hitler and made friends with the allies then everything would be okay.
      • Bishop Galen openly criticized the Nazis and gets away with it.
    • Children
      • Swing movement - started in 1933. did things the Nazis forbade e.g. listen to jazz music. But were more of an annoyance than a real threat
      • Edelweiss Pirates - Directly hamper the Nazis. Set fire to a Gestapo HQ in Colonge. as a result, 14 of them were hung
    • July Bomb Plot
      • 20th July 1944
      • Von stauffenburg planned to bomb Hitler because he was such a bad leader
      • The closest assassination attempt
      • As a result, Stauffenburg was killed along with 5,000 other associated with him


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