Nazi Germany - opposition

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  • Opposition
    • The Communists and Social Democrats
      • Still continued, but in secret
        • They faced prison or death if discovered
      • Across Germany, there were 1000s of them, but because they were illegal they could only work in small numbers
        • They also refused to work together, because they differed on ideas for the future
    • The White Rose Group (1942-1944)
      • This was a group of 5 students at university
      • Gave out leaflets criticising Hitler and calling on Germans to take action
      • They were discovered and executed
    • The Swing Groups and Pirates
      • By the time of the war, many youths were fed up with rules and regulations of the Hitler Youth
      • There were 1000s of anti-Hitler Youth groups but they were not organised and had no contact with eachother
    • The July Bomb Plot
      • One group that could make an impact was the army
        • It was a large group and was close enough to Hitler to make an impact
      • By 1944, leading officers were very concerned by the direction of the war
        • Germany was losing and they decided to kill Hitler to stop this
      • Hitler survived and the July bomb plotters were rounded up and executed


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