Opposition to Tsardom

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  • Opposition to Tsardom
    • Reformists & Liberals
      • Supported the Tsar but wanted to share the power through a democratic parliament
        • Have a say in how country is run
        • Used English system as an example
          • Monarch + Parliament
            • Parliament made laws that effected systems & lives of people
      • Most members = doctors, lawyers & teachers
      • Many groups
      • Believed the only way to deal with internal problems reform countries industries
    • Revolutionaries
      • Believed Russia would never improve or modernise until  Tsarist system was overthrown
        • Destroyed by revolution
      • Social revolutionaries
        • grew from Populist movement
          • Continued the violent approach to the state
            • Responsible for the assassination of high ranking officials & key members of the okrana
        • Maintained the idea that the peasants were the key to the revolution
        • Called for the large noble states to be divided up
          • Handed over to the peasants
        • Conditions worsened in the countryside = gaining widespread support
    • Social democrats
      • Followed Karl Marx idea
        • Revolution in Russia would only occur when workers (proletariats) overthrew Tsarist systems
      • Workers were the key to the future of Russia
        • Began to gain support in the factories & urban centres across Russia
      • Split into 2 groups
        • Bolsheviks
          • Led by Lenin
          • Action needed to be taken
          • Small group should conduct the revolution
        • Mensheviks
          • Russia not ready for revolution
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