Opposition to the Nazis

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  • Opposition to the Nazis
    • Introduction
      • The Nazis did not allow opposition: communists and religious leaders who didn't agree with them were executed or imprisoned and some put in concentration camps.
      • Attempts to overthrow Hitler - Rare: there were none in the first 10 years however towards the end of his ruling, some plots gathered interest and support.
      • Underground resistance - some: working class groups made anti- government leaflets. People like Pastor Grueber helped the Jews.
      • Passive resistance and non co-operation - quite common: Many people refused to join and the Nazi party, or do the Heil Hitler salut, banned parties would meet in secret.
      • Private grumbling - very widespread: Ordinary Germans resented many Nazi aspects, such as the rpopaganda and bullying from the SA and anti-Nazi jokes became the norm.
    • Left-Wing Opposition
      • Dozens of small resistance groups helped the Soviet Union.
      • The Red Orchestra was a spy network passing military information to the Soviet Army.
      • The biggest group carried out sabotage, strikes and encourage soldiers to desert.
    • Right-Wing Opposition
      • The Kreisau Circle consisted of Officers and Aristocrats etc. At secret meetings in Kreisau, they worked out a plan to govern Germany by democratic and Christian principles after Hitler had been overthrown.
    • Youth Opposition
      • Thousands of young people, such as the Edelweiss Pirated despised the Nazis.
      • The most prominent activists were the White Rose group. Led by Hans and Sophie Scholl, they worked against the Nazis, by putting up anti-Nazi posters and giving out leaflets. They were caught and executed in 1944
    • Assassins
      • Most of Hitler's opponents wanted him dead. From 1935 onwards, they tried to shoot him or blow him up - every attempt failed.
      • Hitler came closest to being blown up in the Stauffenberg Bomb Plot on the 20th July 1944, the bomb which was under the table exploded but didn't kill him, it only injured him, the Nazis used this as evidence that God was on their side.


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