Huey Long

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  • Opposition from Huey Long - Governor of Louisiana
    • Who was he?
      • Son of a poor farmer
      • Saw himself as the leader of the poor white community in the South
      • Devoted enemy of big businesses
      • Elected as Governor of Louisiana in 1928
        • Elected to the Senate in 1930
          • Helped Roosevelt win nomination as Democratic Presidential Candidate in 1932
      • Assassinated in 1935
        • Estimated 1750000 people attended his funeral
    • Opposition to the New Deal
      • At first he supported the New Deal
        • Soon became disillusioned with new policies
      • Critisized the president for not doing enough to help farmers
      • Stood for Democratic nomination for Presidential election in 1936 in opposition to Roosevelt
    • 'Share-Our-Wealth'
      • Febuary 1934 - launched his own plans to provide every family in America with $5000 by taxing the rich
        • Unrealistic idea
          • Still won support by early 1935
          • Claimed his movement had 27000 branches
            • BUT he couldn't explain how it would work


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