Opposition events (nature of government)

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  • Opposition (events)
    • Bloody Sunday
      • Peaceful march, 9th January 1905 into the winter palace
        • Ruthlessly gunned down by troops; 200 shot dead, 800 injured
      • Provoked a tidal wave of further strikes and revolutions
    • Lena Goldfields massacre
      • The miners here worked long hours (15-16 hrs) and paid with coupons for company shops with little edible food
        • They striked on 29th Feb 1912 demanding an 8 hour work day, 30% rise in wages and improvement of food delivery
          • The next day, 2500 people marched in protest, soldiers shot the crowd killing 270 and wounding 250
      • Provoked nationwide strikes and protest meetings
    • Kronstadt Mutiny
      • A series of strikes broke out in Petrograd and sailors at the Kronstadt Naval base between 28th Feb - 18th march 1921
        • 1000 killed, 2000 wounded, 2500 captured and 8000 defected to Finland
      • The NEP was created as a response
    • Moscow show trials
      • Former leading members of the Bolshevik party were on trial for treason nad partitipcation in elbaroate terrorist conspiracies against stalin
        • Aug 1936; 16 defendants inc Kamenev and Zinioviev, were found guilty and **** within 24 hrs
        • Jan 1937; 17 prominent members were charge, 13 shot
        • March 1938; 21 of the most prominent members were accused of being part of an anti-soviet bloc, 18 were sentenced to death
    • Novocher - kassk Massacre
      • Riots in the city to the town hall as a result of food and provision shortages and poor working conditions
        • 22 were killed by the army and 87 wounded. The following morning several hundred demonstrators gathered again and 116 were arrested
          • Bodies were secretly buried and it didnt reach the press til 1992 when the bodies were found
    • Hungarian Uprising
      • Protesters were encouraged by Khrushchev's destalinisation speech
        • Oct 1956 - students, workers and soldiers attacked the secret police
          • There was freedom for 5 days and the prime minister planned to leave the Warsaw pact
            • 1000 Russian tanks came and killed 4000 hungarians
    • July days
      • 3-7 July 1917 Bolshevik soldiers, sailors, and industrial workers engaged in spontaneous armed demonstrations against PG
        • Unsuccessful - They were beaten, arrested, property destroyed and leaders persecuted
      • Resulted in a temporary decline in Bolshevik influence


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