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  • Opposition
    • Nature of the intelligentsia
      • Wanted to gain more individual freedoms
      • Some believe Nihilists, reason & science not religion
    • Intelligentsia importance
      • Bakunin - state crushed individual freedoms but believed in power of peasants
        • Cherrnyshevsky's  Contemporary/What is to be done? Herzen's The Bell
          • LT, revolutionary thinking spread - alternate ways of Russian Govt considered
    • Populists
      • Students & nobility going to peasants, complaining of tax/lack of land
      • Peasants loyal to Tsar handed them in - but  debate had spread to countryside
    • Land & liberty 1877
      • Accepted Bakunin's anarchic view - Russia should handed over to peasants, uprising
        • Worked in peasant communities to stir up resistance
        • Assassinated Third section head, spread socialist propaganda
      • Split 1879 - Black partition (Plekhanov wanted to share black soils, no violence)
    • Liberals
      • Westerners  wanted reform, inspired by enlightenment/French Revolution
      • Ideas spread. Spoke at unis/law societies, wrote lit  (ease of censorship)
      • Mainly gentry e.g. Grand Duke Constantine - lacked middle class


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