Nazi Opposition

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  • Opposition
    • The White Rose Movement
      • Group of German students from the university of Munich and their proffesor
      • Non-violent resistance group
      • They distributed opposing leaflets and led a graffiti campaign
      • The 6 group leaders were arrested, tried and then beheaded in 1943
      • The allies were able to obtain a copy of one of the opposing leaflets
        • They copied the leaflet and dropped it over Germany out of a bomber plane
    • The Edelweiss Pirates
      • Led by brother and sister hans and Sophie Scholl
      • Consisted of young people aged between 14 and 19
      • More violent 'swing' group
      • The members opposed the nazi values, drank alcohol and danced to jazz music
      • They graffitied anti-nazi slogans, protected deserters and beat up nazi officials
      • 12 members were publically hanged in 1944 as a result of murdering the ** chief
      • The youths avoided joining the Hitler youth by leaving school


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