Opposition to Nazis and Hitler

Spider diagram on opposion in late 1930's to Hitler.

Some groups and plots as well as individuals with explanations.

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  • Opposition
    • White Rose
      • Students from Munich
      • Handed out anti Nazi leaflets urging people to stand against them.
      • In 1943 most leaders were captured and executed.
      • Didn't like the slaughter of Jews and Polish.
      • Persuaded people not to help the war effort
    • Edelweiss Prates
      • Beat up the Hitler Youth
      • Teens that went against his policies after dropping out of school.
      • Formed groups, mostly working class youth.
      • Organized concentration camp escapes
      • Attacked the military and targeted Nazi officials.
    • July Bomb plot
      • Also known as "Operation Valkyrie"
      • 1944
      • Organized by von Stauffenberg
      • Bombs were planted in a suitcase and put under a table, in order to blow up Hitler.
      • Mission failed due to change of place and the wooden table that protected hitler
      • It resulted in Hitler's eyebrows burning off.
      • Stauffenberg and 5000 others involved were exectued
    • Swing Youth
      • Having sex and listening to jazz music.
      • Put into concentration camps and forced to work hard.
      • Wore English clothes and make up.
      • Accepted Jews into S.Y.
      • Parody greeting "Heil Benny"
    • Church -Priest
      • Preaching 1930's to 1937
      • Secretly went against the Nazis
      • Dietrich Bonhoeffer
      • Arrested in 1942
      • 1944 - Put into concentration camps.
      • Died in Flossenburg conc. camp in 1945
    • Passive ressistance
      • Talking bad about Hitler at home.
      • Didn't do the "Heil Hitler" greeting.
      • Telling Nazi jokes at home.
      • Some arrested by the Gestapo police and put into jail if caught.
      • Complained about Nazis




Thanks :) Did Hitler's eyebrows get burnt off...? That must have been funny

Joanna S


Yeah, they did. Wonder what he looked like when it happened haha. 

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