Oppian Law

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  • Oppian Law
    • the tribunes had influence over the magistrate who's opinion decided whether the law would be repealed
      • they had right of veto against the magistrate
    • Oppian law written in 215BC after the defeat at Hanninal
      • Livy is writing about its repeal in 195BC in late 1 century
    • the females spending was limited so they could divert money to pay for the war
      • proposed by Gaius Oppius
      • women could not own more than one ounce of gold and couldn't wear it multi-coloured
      • could not ride in a carriage In the town or within half a mile of it
        • unless there was a religious festival
      • slaves were given in to be rowers
    • Cato
      • he viewed the females as acting inappropriately
        • they didn't respect their husbands or the counsel who advised them to stay at home
        • they blocked the streets to the city and every entrance to the forum so the tribunes had to hear their voice
          • by talking to men that were not relatives they were not caring for their dignity or modesty
      • having too much control
        • at homes the males are lacking authority so the females are receiving more power with family situations
          • they then what this power in they everyday lives and want to vote
      • he claims the females are more charming in public than with their own husbands
        • questions their infidelity
      • when they were running round the streets it was unbridled and unmastered
      • their ancestors wishes
        • disrespectful because they shouldn't be conducting any business without a guardian
        • female should have a lower statues to men so males have control
          • but the females are putting limits on their freedom
      • if they get control then they will find other ways to get power
        • the more control they get they more they become their equals and eventually their superiors
          • the females will not want to spend all day at home working, they will feel that they have a right in more important matters
        • the femals will feel they can spend more and will do so because their husband will think they should show them more respect
      • the women will then want all these luxuries and if their husband cannot give to her then she will get them from someone else
        • unfaithful and the husband will be mortified
    • Lucius Valerius
      • criticises Cato for spending more time insulting the women than providing a case to why the law shouldn't be repealed
      • he thinks the law should be repealed because they're no longer under the circumstances that forced them to bring the law
      • the origines (all the goof the females have done for the state
        • the matrons gave away their gold to pay the ransom to the gaulds
        • the women intervened in the battle in formum between the sabines
          • this halted the battles ad stopped Rome from being destroyed
        • the widows gave their treasury to the sate to pay for war
        • the when new gods were being summoned to bring their power to the Rome difficulties they went to sea to meet the Idaean mother
        • when the Sabine men came back for their wives the Sabine women refused to leave
      • the law was unnecessary in the first place
        • the females wouldn't be spending anyway because they were in mourning
        • unfair because the men were still aloud to wear purple and gold
          • the men's horses are aloud to wear purple so this makes the females feel like they have a low statues
            • they might then start acting disrespectfully because they're being treated disrespectfully
          • will lower the females impression of Rome because they will feel they're inferior to foreign women due to their lack of gold
      • the things that females are not aloud to take part in
        • priesthoods
        • badges of office
        • magistrates
        • spoils of war
        • elegance, finery and beautiful clothes are their interests
      • Frome examples of widows and orphans he feels women hate freedom and like to be controlled by a man
        • if the law is repealed they will have control because the female will need guidance
    • the next day the females block the entrances till the brutuses took back their veto


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