Operating Systems

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  • Operating Systems
    • Providing a User Interface
      • DEFINITION: The way in which we interact with computer hardware
      • WIMP
        • Windows
          • Icons
            • Menus
              • Pointers
        • COMMAND LINE INTERFACE came first. Users just typed commands following text prompts
          • Occasionally used for simple, direct interaction with the hardware
      • Mobile phones and tablet interfaces are slightly different
        • Touchscreen
        • Tilt
        • Side buttons
      • Embedded computers such as in cars need to interact with the user differently
    • Security
      • Passwords on devices and/or files
      • Type of security depends on type of computer
        • e.g. PC has many different types and levels of security
        • A washing machine won't allow the door to open during a cycle
      • May include additional features and software uitilities e.g. firewall, anti-virus and parental controls


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