Operating systems keywords

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  • Operating Systems
    • User interface
      • Graphical user interface (GUI)                An environment with icons and menus- user interacts with images using a keyboard and mouse etc.
      • Command Line Interface   Text based E.g. DOS, Raspbian (for Raspberry Pi)
    • Memory management/ Multi-tasking    allocates a small “time slice” to each separate process so that it appears that many processes are taking place at the same time
    • Peripheral management/ Drivers             A peripheral is a piece of hardware that is not directly connected to the CPU – such as a keyboard, a mouse or even a hard disk drive. allows them to be disabled, or drivers be updated. Drivers allow a peripheral device to be connected to a computer and it be used by an Operating System.
    • user management
    • File management    Operating System must identify where files are stored for long term storage on for e.g. the hard disk drive.


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