The Ontological Argument

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  • Ontological Argument - Anslem
    • Priori - knowledge gained through reason
    • Analytical statement
      • impossible to think false
    • Synthetic statement
      • truth or falsity depends on evidence you have
    • 1st argument
      • 1) God is a being that than which nothing greater can be conceived
      • 2) something that exists is bound to be greater than the thought
      • 3) no greater being than God. God must exist i reality as well as in thought
    • 2nd argument
      • god can be thought as not existing?
        • god cannot be thought as not existing?
          • has to be this one which is greater
      • believes this logically proves God's existence = necessary
    • Guanilo criticism - On Behal of the Fool
      • 1) impossible to think of fully perfect being
      • 2) argues you cannot demonstrate existence of something by an idea about it
      • 3)'the perfect island'
    • Anslems' comeback (rejoinder)
      • cannot compare God with island bc not the same thing
      • island is contingent (doesn't have to exist)
      • God = necessary being, necessary beings must exist
      • existence part of concept of God
      • impossible for God not to exist bc necessary
    • Arthur Schopenhauer
      • argument = "charming joke"
      • bc predicate 'God exists' is already hidden in the subject
    • Kants criticisms
      • 1st
        • Existence is not a real predicate bc doesn't add anything to our understanding
      • 2nd
        • agrees with Decartes triangle. BUT can reject BOTH
          • cannot accept notion of unicorn (subject) yet reject idea it has a horn (predicate)
            • cannot talk of God (subject) yet reject his necessary existence (predicate)
    • Descartes ontological argument
      • "existence can no more be separated from the essence of God than having three angles be separated from the essence of a trainagle"


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