ontological argument

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  • ontological argument
    • Anselm (first form)
      • god is something which nothing greater can be thought of
        • things exist either in the mind only or in the mind+reality
          • it is greater to exist in the mind+reality than in the mind only
            • if he existed in the mind only it would be possible to think of something greater
              • So god must exist in the mind+reality
      • Anselm's (second form)
        • uses same arg. but with it being better to exist necessarily than contingently
    • descartes
      • i have an idea of god
        • the idea of god is a supremely perfect being
          • a supremely perfect being does not lack any perfection
            • existence is a perfection,therefore god must exist
    • leibniz
      • adds to descartes
        • defines perfections as simple and coherent
    • malcolm
      • gods existence is either necessary or impossible
        • Gods existence is not impossible as it is not a logical contradiction
          • God must exist necessarily
    • plantinga
      • There is a possible world with a being with maximal greatness
        • maxmial greatness is included in all worlds
          • our world is a possible world, so this being exists in our world, therefore god exists
    • logical arguments for the existence of god using deductive a-priori reasoning to claim that god exists is an analytic statement
    • ccritisisms
      • Hume (existence is not a predicate)
        • saying something exists does not add to the essence of that thing
      • Kant (statement that god exists can never be treated analytically)
        • this is because analytic statements can only tell us about ideas and not reality
      • gaunillo
        • is Anselm's argument truly worked you could use it for anything (e.g the perfect argument)


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