English Literature Poetry - One Flesh

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  • One Flesh
    • 'One Flesh'
      • contrast
        • 'Lying apart now'
    • 'Lying apart now'
    • 'gently'
      • fragile
    • 'each in a separate bed'
      • apart physically and emotionally
    • 'the book he holds unread'
      • unfocused; mind is elsewhere
    • 'Tossed up like flotsam from a former passion'
      • once were in love
    • 'How cool they lie They hardly ever touch.'
      • passion has died
    • 'For which their whole lives were a preparation
      • relationships losing their passion is inevitable
    • 'confession'
      • semantic field of religion
    • 'Of having little feeling - or too much'
      • juxtaposition; emotional confusion
    • 'Silence between them like a thread to hold and not wind in'
      • simile; fragile, but still tied together; possibility of rekindling their love
    • 'feather'
      • hardly noticeable
    • 'has now grown cold?'
      • love grows old with age
    • 'Strangely apart, yet strangely close together'
      • oxymoron; repetition


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