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    • Doesn't fundraise or receive any Government funding
      • Funded by philanthropist
    • Aims to raise awareness about issues of global poverty hunger, disease and efforts to fight such problems in the worlds poorest countries
    • puts pressure on political leaders to fight extreme poverty through smart and effective polices and programs
    • has staff of 120 policy experts, media professionals and campaigeners working in 7 different countries
    • it educates people about the crisis of extreme poverty and its solutions
    • encourage media to cover these issues
    • works with leaders and activists in Africa
      • Addresses issues like trade, debt relief, investment and good governance
    • presses political leaders to pass and fund smart policies and programs that help lift people out of poverty
    • as a result of these programs, 4 million Africans have access to life- saving AIDS medication
    • malaria deaths have been cut in half
    • debt relief in Haiti after earthquake
    • played an important role in securing US legislation requiring better transparency in the oil, gas and mining industries


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