On my own

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  • On my own
    • Structure
      • A A B A A1
      • Bridge section is more dramatic
    • Harmony
      • D major
      • 2nd phrase ends on an imperfect cadence
      • Verse 1 - ends on an imperfect cadence and verse 2 takes the same shape
      • Imperfect cadence on long orchestral pause
      • Ends on a tonic chord - soft plagal cadence
    • Instrumentation
      • Soft piano accompani-ment at the start
      • Strings enter at B section
      • Orchestral accompani-ment
      • Drops to just piano and strings
    • Texture
      • Homophonic texture
      • Anti-climax once Eponine sings repeated lines
      • Climax 'A world that's full of happiness'
      • Homophonic texture thickens in the bridge
    • Melody
      • Slight change in melody in A1
      • Leitmotif played beforehand
      • Conjunct and simple
      • Recitative sung at the start
    • Rhythm
      • Semiquaver leitmotif
      • 2 x 2 bar phrases
      • 3/4 highlights 'When I lose my way'
      • Crotchets in bridge section - drive forwards
    • Other
      • Dynamics build in A1 section
      • Climax has a high sustained note at a forte dynamic
      • Final two verses increase in dynamics
      • Bridge uses loud dynamics & richer texture


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