Nature of God - Omnipotence

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  • Omnipotence of God
    • Questions raised by God's Omnipotence
      • Can God sin or Lie?
        • It is impossible for God to Lie (Hebrews 6:18)
      • Can God make a triangle a Square?
        • Illogical actions are not actions (Aquinas)
        • Meaningless combinations of words do not suddenly acquire meaning if we prefix to them two other words: God Can (C.S. Lewis)
      • Can God change the past in response to Prayer?
      • Descartes answered yes to all these questions
    • Narrower Omnipotence
      • This fits in better with God's goodness and nature
      • 'A narrower omnipotence, consisting of all the logical powers for a being with the attributes of God to have' (Kenny)
        • But is it meaningful to say God can do all that a God can do?
      • BUT - Can God climb a tree?
        • No as he is Immaterial and this is anthropocentric
      • BUT - Can God make a stone to heavy for him to lift
        • This is self-contradictory and assuming God has human qualities
    • Almighty God
      • God has power over everything rather than do anything (Geach)
    • 2 Powers of God
      • Absolute Power (Power to do anything (before creation)
      • Ordained Power - according to Ockham, the options God has now as he can't undo creation


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