A Mind map looking at the attribute of God's goodness and love

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  • Omni-benevolence
    • Euthyphro  Dilemma
      • Is something good because it is good or because God commands it so?
        • If the former, there is a higher goodness than God
        • If it is the later God could command evil to be good
    • Obligation to be Good
      • Does God have to be good?
        • 'God cannot lie' (Hebrews 6:18)
        • If yes then is it a lesser power because there isn't a choice
          • 'God cannot lie' (Hebrews 6:18)
        • Does God choose to be good - making omni-benevolence a higher power?
    • Judgement
      • Judgement is essential in theistic faiths
      • Omniscience of God is an issue if he judges us on actions where we can not do other
    • Existence of Hell
      • Universalists such as Hick argue that God will save everyone so Hell is not needed
      • Swinburne argues that ultimate freedom means the freedom to damn oneself eternally
      • Some argue Hell is symbolic to encourage us to follow the teachings of Jesus
    • 'He is good; his Love endures forever' (2 Chronicles 7:3)
    • God is simple rather than complex - a perfect entity
      • 'The perfections of everything exist in God' (Aquinas)
    • Goodness includes, love, justice and holiness
    • Swinburne analogises the goodness of God to that of a Parent and child - sometimes rewarding or punishing but always loving and forgiving


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