Ombudsmen and tribunals

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  • Ombudsmen and tribunals
    • Tribunals
      • Disadvantages
        • Reasons for decisions reached are not always clear
        • Applicants that pay legal professionals to represent them tend to be more successful which possibly highlights inequality for those that cannot afford this option
      • Tribunals are inferior courts. They deal with a large number of cases each year
    • Ombudsmen
      • Advantages
        • Recommended changes made to government agencies or public bodies
        • Problem may be solved
      • Official who appointed to check on government activity on behalf of an individual citizen and to investigate complaints that are made.
      • Disadvantages
        • Powers are constrained by the fact that they cannot deal with matters that could be dealt with by courts
        • Complaints must be made through an elected representative and so this can be a barrier to citizens wishing to scrutinise government actions


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