Of Mice and Men-Lennie Character Profile

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  • OMAM:Lennie
    • George looks after Lennie
    • Lennie talks to Crooks and doesn't understand why he can't talk to him
    • Shares a dream of owning a piece of land and living with George
    • Lennie is a big man, despite his name
    • He loves to pet soft things
    • Lennie is rather slow
    • He is childish
    • Got in a fight with Curley
    • Wanted to feel the girl's dress- got chased out of Weed
    • gentle and kind
    • wouldn't deliberately hurt someone
    • Very strong
    • Drinks from the pool 'like a horse' and his huge hands are described as 'paws'
    • Lennie is controlled by George
    • loyal


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