Of Mice and Men: Themes

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  • OMaM: Themes
    • Title: "Of Mice and Men"
      • Taken from 18th century poem written in Scottish dialect
      • Poem speaks of a mouse's home on a farm being destroyed by a machine
      • George and Lennie dream of a farm, which is destroyed at the end of the poem
    • Friendship
      • George and Lennie are close friends who share a dream, and trust each other
        • George relies on Lennie's companionship and strength
        • George kills Lennie to rescue him from an angered mob
          • Act of love to show true friendship
    • Loneliness
      • Characters fear of being lonely
      • Candy stops loneliness by delaying the killing of his dog
        • He lets it get killed because he feels its the right thing to do
      • Crooks is lonely because his quarters are segregated
      • Candy's Wife is lonely because he is in a loveless marriage
        • Has no other women to socialize with and therefore flirts with the men
    • Dreams
      • Characters fight loneliness through dreams
      • George wants to own a farm
        • Could gain independence
      • Lennie dreams of owning rabbits on the farm to stroke
      • Crooks dreams of equality
        • Wants to be equal, like his childhood when playing with his white friends
      • CW wanted to become an actress but her dream
      • No characters earn dreams during novel


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