OMAM Candy character mindmap

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    • Victim of Predjudice
      • p.70 'God awmighty, that dog stinks. Get him outta here, Candy! '
      • p.87 'I lost my hand right here on this ranch.'
      • p.88 'You seen what they done to my dog tonight?'
      • p.88 'When they can here I wisht somebody'd shoot me.'
    • A Gossip
      • p.49 'The swamper warmed to his gossip'
      • p.49 'Curley says he's keepin taht soft for his wife.'
      • p.50'Well, I think Curley's married...a tart.'
      • p.50 'You won't tell Curley nothing I said?'
      • p.50 'I seen her give Slim the eye.'
      • p.50 'An' I seen her give Carlson the eye.'
    • Same as his dog
      • p.38 'stoop-shouldered old man came in.'
      • p.46 'he rubbed his white bristled check with his knuckles.'
      • p.71 'This ol' dog jus' suffers hisself all the time.'
      • p.88 'When they can here me I wisht somebody'd shoot me.'
      • p.89 'I ought to of shot that dog myself, George. I shouldn't of let no stranger shoot my dog.'
    • Sweet like his name
      • sticks up for Crooks in s4
        • p.112 'An' we got fren's that what we got.'
      • helps G+L
    • Temporary part of dream
      • p.87 'Tha's three hundred an' fifty bucks I'd put in'
      • p.87 'I'd make a will an' leave my share to you in case I kick off.'
      • p.131 'Now Candy spoke his greatest fear.'
      • p.131 'Before George answered, Candy dropped his head and looked down at the hay.He knew.
    • Not sweet
      • Racist
        • p.40 'Ya see the stable buck's a ******.'
        • p.70 'how that ****** can pitch shoes.'
        • p.110 'You got no call foolin' around with other guys causin' trouble.'
        • p.132 'You ain't no good now, you lousy tart.'
      • p.49 'Curley says he's keepin' that han' soft for his wife.'


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