Old Man

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  • Old Man (December 1914)
    • 'in the name's there's nothing'
      • absolute of nothing - complete certainty
    • 'half decorate, half perplex'
      • oxymoron - is it good or bad?
      • shows his turmoil - he doesn't know how to feel about the name
    • 'I like not, but for certain // I love it'
      • juxtaposed - shows confusion
      • strength of emotions - maybe he likes the memories but not the actual herb
    • 'perhaps // thinking, perhaps of nothing'
      • repetition of perhaps shows confusion
      • idea of thinking of nothing - longing for simple days of no worries
        • culture tells us to think before we act - Thomas may be longing for the days where you could live freely and old think of important things
    • 'forbidding her to pick'
      • destruction of nature by humans
      • pronoun 'her' makes the two characters complete opposites - little girl v old man
    • 'in spite of time'
      • typical of Thomas to link to timing
    • 'the bitter scent is lost'
      • why does he want to find it if it is bitter?
      • using human senses means the reader will respond to the poem in different ways - they aren't only hearing and seeing the poetry.
    • 'and think of nothing: I see and I hear nothing'
      • repetition of nothing shows how lacking he is.
    • 'only an avenue, dark nameless, without end'
      • metaphor for his memory - nothing left


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