Sociology - Official Statistics

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  • Official Statistics
    • Quantifiable data produced by the government or other official bodies
      • Governments use OS during policy making
    • Created by registration, official surveys and administrative records
    • Advantages
      • Sociologists have access to expensive resources for free
      • Reduced problem of non-response
        • Can see trends or patterns
    • Disadvantages
      • May be no OS on the topic the sociologist is interested in
      • Definitions may be different
      • Def may change over time making it difficult to comapre
    • Positvism
      • Assume official stats are reliable, objective social facts
      • Representativeness
        • Large scale increases representativeness
        • Stats from OS may be less representativedue to them only being based on a sample
        • Great care is taken to ensure representativeness
      • Reliablity
        • Census etc reliable due to standardized measuring instrument
          • Assume official stats are reliable, objective social facts
    • Interpretivism
      • Social Constructs
        • Not the real rate ''mental illness''.
      • Soft stats like crime are less valid due to them being compiled from courts or police reports
        • ''Dark Figure''
        • Hard stats are much more valid due to very few going unrecorded


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