Black Panthers: Official Persecution and decline

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  • Official Persucation and decline of BLACK PANTHERS
    • Opponents
      • authorizes of gov suspicious so tried to combat movement
      • FBI led the way of attacking them
        • according to memaradun thye produced, they believed a radical black leader would emerge and white radical groups and would lead them to a violent revolution against US gov
      • FBI did dirty tricks against the party
    • FBI techniques
      • arrest and infiltration
        • weaken and destroy movement
      • telephone bugging
        • offices and homes of leading members of party
      • forged letters
        • send death threats to senior gov officials
    • effects
      • damaging
      • loss support  for party
      • frequent of arrests of leaders meant spending increasing amount of money on legal fees to detriment of programs
    • disagreement and tension
      • leaders
        • newton vs clever on use of violence
        • Newton preferred survival programmed where cleaver committed to militancy
      • female members
        • objected to macho image
        • conflict between sexes and convicted cleaver as a ******


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