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  • Offer
    • invitation to treat
      • carlil v carbolic smokeball
        • you can make an offer to all of the world.
      • partridge v critterton - because demand for birds might out do supply
      • Granger v gough - wine demand might outdo supply
    • unilateral contract
      • carlil v carbollic smokeball
    • bilateral contract
      • offers to sell housing
        • Gibson v Manchester city council - NOT AN OFFER
        • Storer v manchester city council, - more precise YES offer.
          • fisher v bell - flick knives in window were not an offer
    • offer at auction
      • harris v nickleson - withdrew furniture, someone tried to sue him for waste of time. HoL said this was NOT AN OFFER.
        • Barry v Davis was in a contract with highest bidder even though machine was worth more
    • can be terminated by: revocation, death, rejection or lapse of time
    • thornton v shoe lane parking


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