Offender profiling AO1 and AO2

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  • Offender profiling
    • A01
      • Typo
        • Rachel Nickell- Paul Britton-arrest wrong man(Colin Stagg) while killer did it again. Let CS go-shows problems in police over relevance and confidence in profiling techniques
        • Behavioural evidence left at crime scene identify type person likely commit crime. broadly categorised two groups-organised + dis. Crime scene shows category that goes on to category of offender. e.g. dis-likely to have low intelligence etc.
      • Geo
        • John Duffy-David Canter was asked to help and create a psychological profile, he used the locations of attacks to narrow down pool of suspects- must know railway well-JD arrested
        • It attempts to make predictions about offenders based on location + timing of attack. mental mind map-internal representation of world criminal lives-a criminals offences will be influenced by this.
    • A02
      • Typological
        • - assumes personality is stable over time and situation-not correct most show dis+org features
        • + useful informing police of most effective interview strategy to use when offender found
        • + helped challenge stereotypes-useful as prevents them from misleading investigation
      • Geographical
        • -effectiveness limited by unreported crimes. Limited to how police record crime- data from crime maps likely to be incomplete means accurate profile cannot be drawn up
        • +Useful identifying crimes linked+ in this way narrows down pool of suspects
        • +useful for wide range of crimes unlike typo-arguably more useful for bizarre + rare crimes- more valid approach
      • both can be time consuming
      • -profile can lead to self-fulfilling prophecy. Person may fit profile but doesn't mean it them e.g. Colin Stagg
      • -Difficult to measure effectiveness any profiling technique scientifically-profiling can be criticised as being too vague + little more than common sense


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