Offender Profiling

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  • Offender Profiling
    • Typology Approach (FBI)
      • Organised Offender: weapon brought to scene; evidence removed; unknown victim; socially/sexually adequate
      • Disorganised Ofefender: weapon improvised (e.g lamp?) evidence left at scene (blood, semen) possibly known victim; low intelligence
      • Canter Study: 100 murders were analysed - organised or disorganized. organised characteristics common in serial killers, but no subset for disorganized characteristic. Disorganized= no validity
    • Geographical Approach
      • Inferring the offenders base on the basis of their crime. based on schema theory about mental representation (mental mapping)
      • Railway ****** study: Canter used geographical information and witness reports to create an accurate profile of the sexual assults and murders of John Duffy in London.
      • Lundrigan and Canter found that offenders homes were often geographically central to the body disposal sites.


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