Of Mice and Men- George

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  • george
    • Itinerant worker
      • "guys like us...they don't belong no place." (page 31-32)
    • friend and protector of Lennie's
      • different to other Itinerant workers
        • "with us it ain't like that...that gives a damn about us" (page 31-32)
      • he's my...cousin." (page 44)
      • "no...I want you to know." (page 147
        • last kind words to Lennie
      • kills Lennie
        • and George...and then he threw it from him." (page 147-148)
    • small
      • "the first man...sharp, strong features." (page 19)
    • intelligent
      • "hide till I come for you...say that over." (page 52)
    • quick-witted
    • impatient
      • "so you forgot that...a crazy bastard!" (page 21)
        • bullies Lennie, to some extent
    • Regrets friendship with Lennie sometimes
      • "God, you're a lot of trouble...maybe have a girl." (page 24)
        • life easier alone


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