George Milton Character analysis

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  • George
    • Shows off Lennie's work ethic
    • George and Slim have a good bond
    • George is defensive over Lennie, he doesn't like it when people call Lennie names but he does it himself.
    • George is protective over Lennie.
    • George has picked on Lennie in the past but feels guilty.
    • George admits he isnt very smart.
    • Knows Lennie was in the wrong for killing Curley's Wife but knows Lennie wouldn't have meant to do it.
    • Aware of other peoples opinions- doesn't want people to think he knew Lennie was going to kill Curleys Wife so goes with them to kill him.
    • Respects Lennie, before he kills Lennie he ensures Lennie is in a relaxed happy state.
    • Always tried to look after Lennie- helped him get the job.
    • George’s first words, a stern warning to Lennie not to drink so much lest he get sick, set the tone of their relationship. George may be terse and impatient at times, but he never strays from his primary purpose of protecting Lennie.
    • He shares a dream with Lennie to own a piece of land and is prepared to work hard to build up the money needed to buy it."...with us it ain't like that. We got a future. We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us. We don't have to sit in no bar room blowin' in our jack 'jus because we got no place else to go. If them other guys gets in jail they can rot for all anybody gives a damn. But not us."


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