Of mice and men setting chapter 1

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  • Of mice and Men - Chapter 1
    • Setting
      • "Slipped twinkling over the yellow sands."
        • Twinlking Indicates that there is something is sweet and innocent  and yellow shows a very soft feeling
      • "pouned down the river."
        • pounded suggests that the heron wasn scared and had to get away quick
      • "run deep and green."
        • The water is calm and not moving. The green suggests happy and natural
    • Setting
      • "the place was lifeless"
        • Lifeless sugests that there was life before
        • "was" conveys the message that life is going to come back
      • "a half darkness came in along the willows"
        • The half darkness conveys the message that life is leaving because light can be realted to life and dark can be related to death
        • this forshadows what is going to happen all the way through the book - that there is alot of death in the book
    • "mountains flamed with the light of te sun"
      • Shows hat the mountains are very bright and appealing and its a nce veiw. But they are very far away and this forshadows the american dream


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