of mice and men, crooks and candy

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  • Of Mice and Men
    • Candy
    • Crooks
      • discrimiated because hes a '******'
    • swamper
    • discrimiated because hes a '******'
    • candy and his dog are similar to lennie and george
    • kicked in the back by the horse
    • wants takes part in the dream
    • isolated and loney because of the colour of his skin
    • wants to be part of the dream
    • if he is unable to work hel be made charity and he doesnt want that
    • Slim
      • Always makes the right decisions
        • The death of Candy's dog, smasing of Curley's hand by Lennie, finding the body of Curley's wife and at the pool were George shot Lennie.
      • Understands George's situation with Lennie.
      • Respected and admired by all ranch hands
      • He is not judgmental


kiran panesar


its a good mind map but it would be more useful if there was little bit more information on candy

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