Of Mice and Men- Context

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  • of mice and men context
    • RACISM
      • Crooks is the only black character in the book.
        • His real name is never mentioned in the book.
        • Crooks is separated from the other workers and is forced to sleep in a shed.
      • Black people had no civil rights.
        • Crooks is forced to do the 'dirty' work.
      • Derogatory terms were used 16 times against Crooks by Curley's wife.
        • Curley's wife constantly refers to Crooks as "the stable buck".
          • His real name is never mentioned in the book.
    • SEXISM
      • Women in the 20th century were treated as sex symbols.
        • They were expected to stay at home, clean and care for their children.
      • Curley's wife is the only female character.
        • If she was not married to Curley, she may not have even been a part of the book, however she is an important character.
      • Women were considered to be second class citizens, just one class above African Americans.
        • To symbolise her low social status, Curley's wife's name is never mentioned in the book.
      • Born in Salinas in 1902.
        • Where and when the book is set.
      • Born and raised into a wealthy family.
        • He spent time as a teenager working on different ranches close to his home.
      • Interested in the lives of migrant workers and spent time with them.
        • The main characters are migrant workers.
        • Had a big impact on his writing as his experiences and interests are clear in Of Mice and Men.
      • Freedom, owning land and independence
        • George and Lennie dreamed of owning their own ranch
        • Crooks wanted to be involved with the dream of owning a farm so that he could feel as if he belonged somewhere.
      • All characters in the book have a dream.


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