Of Mice and Men characters

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  • Of Mice and Men characters
    • Curley
      • Always trying to prove himself so that he has more 'masulinity'
        • physically
          • Boxes
          • Is short and 'hates big guys' as he is insecure
        • to women
          • Always wants to know where his wife is- controlling
          • Keeps one hand in a glove of vasaline
            • sees his wife as an object
      • Antagonist
        • Only main character of which we don't change our opinion of
      • He was born into the American Dream
        • Unfair as he hasn't worked for it
        • Shows that having finicial security doesn't make you happy
        • Shows that American Dream may not be the way to good life
      • He is described as a 'terrier'
        • Shows he is small but thinks he is bigger and has has a short temper
        • He 'slashed' at Lennie
          • Animalistic- he follows an instinct
      • When he is held by Lennie in the fight he is described as a 'flopping little man'
        • he is lifless
        • Shows that without his fighting he is just the shell of a person
          • little depth to his character
    • Lennie
      • Lennie means 'lion'
      • Vulnerable like a child
      • Doesn't understands rules so although is innocent is lethal
        • Here is Steinbeck suggesting that underneath all the rules of society we are all killers
        • Is a symbol of human nation without civilisation to keep us in check
          • all men kind are dangerous unless controlled
      • Surname is 'Small'
        • may suggest low intelligence
      • described as a 'terrier' and as a 'horse' both of which are submissive and obedient to humans like Lennie is to George
        • also is described as a 'bull' and a 'bear' which are dangerous animals that are not domesticated
          • Lennie is strong so is a danger
      • Has attachment issues
        • could imply he was taken away from his mother too early
        • likes to pet soft things
        • Lennie is told not to take the pup from his mother too early
          • Lennie was taken too early
    • Carlson
      • shows an idea of masculinity
        • owns a a lurger which at the time was asscoiated with WW1 and the nazis
          • shows violence


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