Of mice and men characters

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  • Of mice and men characters
    • Curley's wife
      • Given no name- she is Curley's possession
        • At the time woman were seen as second class citizens whose main purpose in life was to marry
      • Called names like 'tart' and '********'
      • Wears red ostrich feathers represent fight or flight instinct except ostiches cannot fly
        • before she dies the horses rattle and try to break free but they can't just like she cannot escape her fate.
      • 'full rouged lips' suggests danger and feminimity
      • In death she is described as 'pretty and simple' showing that under her act she was very troubled but when she died this got released
        • Steinbeck shows that even the most nasty people still have there humanity
      • Her hair was curled like 'sausages' suggesting the men see her as a piece of meat
      • When G+L first meet her she is introduced as 'a rectangle of sunshine in the door way was cut off' suggesting that she will cut of ther American dream
      • She also had a dream to be a actress
    • Crooks
      • In his description he owns several pairs of items showing he is not alone
        • but then he has a single-barrelled gun to show that realistically he is alone
      • he owns a shotgun showing he may be defensive or under threat
      • He owns lots of books suggesting he is educated and wise or that he spends a lot of time alone
        • Including a dictionary. Other men on the ranch speak in slang but this shows he doesn't want to be like the other men
        • Including a 'muled copy of the California civil code for 1905
          • The fact its 'mauled' may suggest he has little respect for it as it has little respect for him
          • May show that he has hisn own realistic view of the world
          • Suggests its been read/used a lot
        • Including  'battered magazines' showing that is the same as the others as they also have magazines
      • He owns 'large gold-rimmed spectacles'
        • Symbolises that he can see more about the real world than the other men
        • He has a richness/ knowledge about the American dream
      • His room is described by Steinbeck as 'This room' showing that it was not fully given to him
      • He is described as having 'pain-tightened lips' suggest he is lonely and has something he wants to say but can't
      • He demands people 'keep their distance' because he knows he won't be accepted by them


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