Of Mice and Men - background

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  • Of Mice and Men
    • Racism
      • e.g. Crooks, he was once educated and had the american dream.
      • They would get separated for society
      • Curkeys wife threatened to murder him if he ever made contact with her.
      • They would be beaten up as entertainment for the other men
      • Treated like animals, he would stay in in the barn and look after the animals.
    • Sexism
      • e.g. Curley's wife - this is her label, she has no personality other than a loose woman.
        • She wants the attention, therefore tries to sleep with any new men on the ranch.
      • Treated as objects and see as a possesion.
      • John Steinbeck portrays "It's unfair that she cannot defend herself"
        • She is humiliated by Curley and the other men e.g. the glove.
      • Women have very little self worth and confidence in themselves
      • She is expected to stay at home and clean the house - housewife
    • Ageism
      • e.g. Candy - he wants to keep working however the others dont agree
      • Elderly people have lived there lives and now they have no use
      • Hope is destroyed for them - the other men make fun
        • Candy had hope to share George and Lennie's future of the American Dream.
      • Treated like animals, the men want to kill him like they do his dog - both old and useless.
    • Mental disabilities
      • e.g. Lennie behaves like a child and is very vulnerable.
      • People with mental disabilities are bullied because are seen as different to anyone else.
      • They would be locked up and sent to an asylum in some cases.
        • They wouldn't receive any help from doctors.


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