Oedipus - Search for self knowledge

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  • Oedipus Search for self knowledge
    • Prologue
      • 'I was not asleep dreaming' wanted to solve plague
      • Oedipus sent Creon to Delphi.
      • Asks why Thebans didn't investigate Laius' murder
        • Oedipus says he will bring it all to light himself
    • 1st episode
      • Let me grant your prayers - arrogant?
      • Oedipus claims if he was there - no mystery
      • Edict - have to reveal truth, for his, Thebes & Apollo's sake ommits to course of action
      • Proactive -Tiresias, says he's master of mysteries - respect to gain favour?
        • Doesn't want him to go -'on our knees'   eventually stubborn betraying Thebes?
      • Asks about parents
    • 2nd Episode
      • Asks about Laius' murder  & if looked into to save his own skin
      • Oedipus asks Jocasta about Laius - suspects himself (3 roads)
      • Must see shepherd, despite declaring it was thieves
    • 3rd episode
      • Complete faith: Polybus packs them off to sleep with him in hell
      • Never lets go of fear of Merope
      • Interviews shepherd - what was he doing is mountain? A herdsman? was he in pain? Who pinned his ankles?
        • Counts himself son of chance - he will 'never fail to search & learn his birth'
      • 'Not for all the world' won't listen to Jocasta
    • 4th episode
      • Asks both leader & messenger if it is shepherd in distance
        • Won't take no for an answer - You're a dead man if I have to ask again.
      • interviews shepherd, background. Forces arms back no answer about child given
        • Knows he's at the edge of hearing horrors 'but I must hear!'
          • Leads to anagnorisis
    • Exodus
      • Still inquisitive - where am I going?... Where does all this agony hurl me?
        • Arrogant - don't lecture me


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