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  • Oedipus
    • 'I would be blind misery not to pity my people kneeling at my feet'
    • [Priest] You cannot equal the gods [...] but we rate you first of men'
    • 'I will speak out now as a stranger to the story, a stranger to the crime'
    • 'He is the plague, the heart of our corruption'
    • [Tiresias] 'You are the curse, the corruption of the land'
    • 'You can't  hurt me or anyone else who sees the light'
    • [to Creon] 'You, plotting to kill me, kill the king - [...] scheming to kill my crown and power!'
    • 'I have a terrible fear the blind seer can see'
    • 'What a man above more miserable than I? More hated by the gods?'
    • 'I count myself the son of chance'
    • 'Apollo, god of the wild cry may our dancing please you!'
    • 'Apollo - he ordained my agonies. But the hand that struck my eyes was mine. I did it all myself!'
    • 'crimes too huge for hanging'
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