Oedipus The King: Oedipus' Character

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  • Oedipus' Character
    • Father figure to his people:
      • Line 1, He refers to them as his children.
      • Line 105, He incorporates his people in all he does, he wants Creon to deliver the message to all the people, not in private.
    • Kind:
      • Line 76, He worries endlessly about the welfare of his people.
      • Line 14, He says he will do anything to help.
      • Line 70, He shows understanding to the suffering of his people, he knows they are very ill.
    • He's an involved ruler:
      • Line 7, He  will not hear the news of Thebes from a messenger, he comes himself.
      • Line 10, He enquires to the priest about his people, he clearly cares about their welfare.
      • Line 78, He weeps for his people's suffering.
      • Line 81, He takes action by sending Creon to Delphi to seek news from Apollo.
      • Line 106, He grieves for his people more than he fears for his own life. He is a good King.
    • Seen as a respectable figure:
      • Line 41, The priest says they rate him first of men.
      • Line 53, The people assume he has the answer, perhaps from a god or man.
    • Hero:
      • Line 8, The world knows his fame, he must have done something great.
      • Line 44, He freed them from the Sphinx and uplifted their lives.
      • Line 63, He is seen as the only person capable to bring Thebes out of darkness.
    • Logical:
      • Line 145, He wonders why they did not try to find Laius' killer sooner.


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