Oedipus' character

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  • Oedipus
    • Paternal
      • 'Oh my children' to chorus pr
        • Asks why they're here - concern
    • Proactive
      • Sends Creon to Delphi before being told to in pr
    • Pride/Hubris
      • The world knows my fame, I am Oedipus pr
      • 'You pray to the Gods? Let me grant your prayers - before edict
      • Even if wrong he must rule - obsessed with status & refuses to listen
      • Refuses to listen to Jocasta ep 3
      • Confidence - says he's a 'son of chance' ep 3
      • Hand that struck his eyes was his alone, still obsessed with himself - ex
      • His choice best 'don't lecture me' ex
    • Empathetic & kind to others
      • 'But my spirit grieves... for myself and all of you.' To chorus pr
        • Fight for him (Laius) as if he were my father ep 1
          • 'Don't hold back say it'  wants chorus' opinion ep 1
            • Not so much - calls Polybus a poor old man, But dearest Jocasta ep 3
      • 'Creon, prince, my kinsman' when he returns pr
    • Pious
      • 'Lord Apollo, let him... rescue' has faith oracle with help. Pr
        • Respects Tiresias & acknowledges wisdom ep 1
      • Ran away from Corinth- believes in oracles
      • Asks to see shepherd - killer?   prophecy believer ep 2
      • Knows extent of power - 'no man has the power' to make the Gods act against their will ep 1
        • Polybus takes the fear of oracles down with him to hell ep 3
      • 'Fear is always with me' - has faith - ep 3
    • Investigator
      • Says to chorus he is ready to help them fix the plague in pr
      • Asks why they stopped looking for Laius' killer - pr
      • What were the Gods' words? Also thief so daring pr - incredulous
      • Insists on hearing oracle in public pr - impatient?
      • Thoroughly questions  shepherd ep 4
      • Must know it all - secret of his birth ep 3
    • Ignorance & Hamartia
      • By avenging Laius I avenge myself - irony   pr
      • Says he never met Laius, fight for him as if father ep 1
    • Paranoia
      • Whoever killed the King may decide to kill me pr
      • 'When my enemies move against  me' accusing Creon,  no evidence ep 2
    • Violent
      • 'I want you dead' to Creon ep 2
      • 'Lash would teach you' but Tiresias senile ep 1
      • 'Twist his arms back quickly' ep 4
    • Humility (Exodus, part of perepetia)
      • 'Dear friend, still here?' Surprised Chorus speaking
      • Apologises to Creon
      • Sympathy when he clings onto children


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