Odyssey Characters

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  • Odyssey Characters
    • Odysseus
      • Cunning/ Resourceful - Master of strategems
      • Wants to get home to Ithaca, NOT Penelope - Nostos
      • Selfish
      • Good King - Respected by slaves who served under him
      • In search of his Kleos
      • Strong warrior/archer
      • Loyal - Only unfaithful with divinities
      • Patient and much enduring
      • Emotional - Typical of a Greek hero
      • Proud/Arrogant
    • Penelope
      • Sensible - Not driven by emotion. Unlike Clytaemnestra
      • Maternal - Great fears for Telemachus' safety. Obeys him as he grows as a leader
      • Pious
      • Emotional - Suffering but remains proud in public. Cries/has nightmares at night
      • Cunning/Intelligent - Follows in her husband's footsteps
      • Loyal/Patient - Key to being a great Greek woman
      • Strong mentally, can speak with strength
    • Laertes
      • Only person Odysseus can't lie to - Bond between Father and Son too strong - Emotion takes over.
      • Emotional - Pain of losing Anticleia and possibly losing Odysseus
      • Humble - Living a simple life
      • Respects women - Didn't sleep with slave girl as didn't want to be unfaithful to his wife
    • Telemachus
      • Diplomatic/ Intelligent
      • Thoughtful/Selfless - Always thinking of his parents
      • Brave/ Adventurous/ Daring - 'Mini Odyssey'
      • Strong relationship with Eumaeus
      • Maturing/Learning to be a man - Odysseus disappointed in him
      • Bitter at the start but learns to become a man/warrior
      • Likened to Father - Respects elders
    • Eumaeus
      • Definition of loyalty
        • Wheras others were corrupted he has remained strong
        • Treats Telemachus as his own son
        • Listens to and respects Penelope and Laertes
        • Remains a good loyal swineherd/Provides food for the feasts - Loyal to his
        • Keeps things running smoothly in case Odysseus returns.
      • Humble/Hard working
      • Good Xenia


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