How the Bolsheviks were successful in the October Revolution of 1917

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  • October Revolution of 1917 - Russia in Revolution
    • How the Bolsheviks were able to seize power
      • Policies
        • Bolsheviks Slogan: 'Peace, Bread, Land'
          • Catered to the people: Soldiers wanted peace as they tired from war, Everyone wanted bread as they were starving, peasants wanted land.
        • Bolsheviks went against everything the PG wanted. PG get discredited whilst B get elevated.
        • 'All Power to the Soviets'
          • What the workers wanted, not shared power, power to the soviets.
        • PG did nothing to help the people. Bolsheviks didn't work with anyone else, so not associated with PG.
      • Leadership
        • Lenin = sense of urgency. Constituent Assembly in November. B needed to take power before then.
        • Lenin recognised peasants as a revolutionary force.
        • Lenin had determination and adaptability
      • Organisation
        • Trotsky - chairman of PG in Sept 1917.
          • Trotsky previously head of Trokia - control MRC - arrested disloyal people - loyal to B
          • Orchastrates seizure of power. Plans vantage points and use of red guards
      • Propaganda
        • Iskra - newspaper supporting B
        • Tobacco Factory which put B messages in packaging
    • Weaknesses & Mistakes of PG
      • Didn't rally effective military support in its hours of need.
      • Unable to arose genuine enthusiasm for the PG
      • Came nowhere near close to solving Russia's problems. Economically incompetent & militarily incapable
      • Kornilov Affair & Summer Offensive
      • PG was an interim G. Not meant to last. Had no right to exercise the authority that belonged to the Constituent Assembly.
    • Lack of challenge from other parties
      • Other parties had accepted Feb as a genuine rev and co-operated with the PG.
      • SR prepared to enter into coalition with the Kadets and await the covening of the Con Assembly.
      • Mensheviks judged that Russia didn't have a proletariat force large enough, so aligned themselves with other parties.


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