Oct/November Revolution

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  • Causes of October/November Revolution
    • The events of the Bolshevik Revolution that began on 25 October 1917 were the culmination of developments since the abdication of the Tsar back in March
    • Reasons for the revolution
      • Weaknesses of Provisional Goverment
      • Political manouevres of Bolsheviks
      • Defeat in WWI
      • Deteriorating economic situation
      • Resentments of soldiers, peasants and workers
    • Kerensky was well aware of the dangers posed by the Bolsheviks, yet he seemed powerless to do anything to stop their assault.
      • When he did on 23 October it was to stop the activities of Pravda and Izvestia as an attempt to restrict their power
      • Also sent troops to raise the bridges linking the working class area of Petrograd, which was a Bolshevik stronghold
        • However he was stopped from doing this by the Bolshevik-loyal troops who claimed his actions to be a betrayal of the soviet and abandonment of Feb/March Rev principles. Kerensky's move thus gave Bolsheviks incentive


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