OCR R081 - Topics to Study

Revision on Hardware, Work plans, File formats, Client requirements and Evaluation and review

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  • OCR R081 - Topics to study
    • Work plan features
      • Tasks
        • Different stages or main sections of overall project
      • Activities
        • Series of things to do in order to complete a task
      • Contingencies
        • ‘What if’ scenarios, back-up plans such as extra time or alternative ways to do things
      • Durations
        • The amount of time that a task or activity is expected to take
      • Timescales
        • How long the overall project will take to complete
      • Milestones
        • Key dates when a section is completed
      • Deadlines
        • A date when something must be completed by
      • Resources
        • What is needed to do the tasks and activities
    • How to define requirements
      • Client discussion
      • Written brief
      • Script
      • Specification
    • Hardware
      • The machines, wiring, and other physical components of a computer or other electronic system.
      • Computer
      • Scanner
      • Camera
      • (Graphic) tablet
    • Evaluation & Review
      •   Compare the document back to the brief and client requirements – does it do what was asked for?  
      • Is the format of the document suitable for the type of media product that is to be developed?
      •   Think about the style and whether it is clear for the user of the document  
      •   Is the content of the document suitable for what the client needs the final media product to do?  
      • Describe the strengths, positives, advantages and benefits   x3
      • Describe the weaknesses, negatives, disadvantages and drawbacks  x3
      • Summarise - improvements x3
    • File formats
      • Video
        • .mov
        • .mpg
        • .mp4
        • This file has a compressed file format, meaning it is a low file size, and therefore has the benefit of speed
      • Image
        • .tiff
          • It is uncompressed, a range of compression can be applied
        • .jpg or .jpeg
          • It is a compressed file, but can be saved in a high quality format to reduce loss
        • .eps
          • It is best for printing, because of its high resolution
        • .psd/ .ai/ .png
          • Because it is lossless, and uncompressed, it is easy to edit (within the appropriate software) as layers are maintained


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