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  • Why are Oceans important?
    • Transportation
      • 76% percent of all trade involves transportation over water
    • Survival
      • 50% of the oxygen we breathe comes from the Ocean
      • The Ocean stores 50 times more Carbon Dioxide than the atmosphere
    • Activities
      • The Ocean provides us with so much entertainment and activities
        • These include Kayaking, Swimming, Fishing and many more
    • Climate
      • The Ocean covers 70% of the Earth's surface
        • This means it transports heat from the Equator to the poles
        • It plays a massive role in regulating our climate and weather patterns
    • Economy
      • The U.S Ocean economy produces about £282 billion
        • These are mainly from goods and services
        • Ocean-dependant businesses employ almost 3 million people
    • Food
      • The Ocean provides much more than seafood
      • Ingredients from the sea are found in many different foods such as peanut butter and milk
    • Medicine
      • Many medical products come from the Ocean
        • These include ingredients that help cure


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