OCD: definitions and examples

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  • OCD: definitions and examples
    • Obsessions are recurring and persistent thoughts.
    • Compulsions: are repetitive behaviours (checking, washing, doubting, slowness)
    • Rapport: Charles, couldn't stop washing.
      • He was able to keep it under control. Eventually had to leave school
      • The ritual was always the same: he would hold the soap in his right hand under a running tap for a minute. Then transfer to the left he would repeat it for an hour.
      • Then wash for about two hours before getting dressed. His mother discouraged it  but then started engaging in his rituals
      • He wanted Charles to have an EGG but refused due to stickiness.  He   had drug therapy and his symptoms disappeared for a year.  he became tolerant to drugs.
    • Measures: Maudsley obsessive- compulsive inventory
      • washing, checking, slowness and doubting. 30 true false items.


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